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    I have a cat .Its name is Mimi. It's very lovey.My family all like it.

    It always plays with me every day .It has black and white fur.As long as we say'Mimi',It right away runs to you.

    It's very good!so My family all like it!


    Mother gave me a lovely "pig" made of cloth on my tenth birthday. It was very lovely. The pig was dressed in blue. He had a red face and a little mouth. His two ears were just like two fans. He really looked funny. There was always a smile on his face. He must be a happy "pig" , I think.


    There are all kinds of horses in the world. But one of them you can't ride. It doesn't live on land, but in the sea. It looks like the head of horse. So the people call it sea horse. In fact, the sea horse is a small fish. It likes to live in warm water. A sea horse stands up in the water when it swims.

    Father horse carries the eggs to keep them safe in its pouch. When the eggs are hatched, the baby horses swim away.


    I have a litte dog“Xiao Pang”.Because It is very tittt small.It'yellow and brown.It olways run with me.It is so big.It like eat meat and rice. Sometime I call it“Xiao Pang ”, then it runs towe fast.

    I love my dog.

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