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  • 400字的作文-新年英语作文小学

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    Chinese New Year is coming and my family is very busy. It's because Chinese New Year is very special and important. We must prepare many special things to get ready for this festival. First, will make a big New Year meal. Second, we will make "Good-luck wishes." Third, we will set off firecrackers.

    New Year meal is delicious and we think that eating some will bring us good luck. A long time ago, Chinese people believed red color could bring our good luck too. And we set off firecrackers could frighten ghosts away. Chinese New Year is very popular between students. Because we can have a long happy holiday.


    Spring Festival ,known as the Chinese New Year,which counts from the first day in the lunar calendar ,and is the most important holiday in China.From late January to early February,Chinese people are busy preparing for the New Year.They clean their houses ,have their hair cut,and buy new clothes .Jiaozi or dumpling is most popular.To those who live far away from their home,this festival is also a family reunion occasion.

    And they often go back home to celebrate the festival with their family.At the time,the children will play the fireworks and firecracker。further more,once the children greet to olds400字的作文, for return,the olds will give the children lucky money.and last The first day of the new year is the time when people visit their friends and wish each other good luck in the new year,remember to be happy!


    The New Year’s Day is on January 1st, in this year, people will have one day’s off, and it is different from before. On that day, I am going to travel to Nanning, I haven’t been to Nanning for two years, I miss the days there, I will visit my friends. I will have a good time.


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