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    As soon as the new year's bell rang, I went down to the floor with my father. A corridor, I was attracted by the shaking heaven and earth cannon. I saw the families in the shooting, firecrackers were crackling, like a symphony, playing the hearts of people happy. Fireworks, ritual bombs blooming in the air, one blossoming flower, like people's smiling face, the expression of people's welcome to the new year... I try not to be outdone, full of joy to hang up firecrackers, but who knows, at this moment, daredevil's father was carrying two cigarettes, and two points from a erti jiao! "Boom" "boom" - "boom" "boom" of the four deafening noise, like the four thunder in the sky, scared straight my hands shaking, even the heart quivering, ear buzzing sound, but it is not intimidated by me, but aroused my shooting desire. I light the fragrance, ready to use a firework with color, but I never dared are small, looking at the firework, I got really scared. I plucked up the courage to point the gun carefully, I saw the body thrown back, holding a sweet little by little erti Jiao, for fear of being fried, it looks very funny. Suddenly, "hissing sound", the gun was lit, I quickly ran up into the corridor over his ears. The "green" gun sounded, the sound is very beautiful.

    It's late at night. We're still shooting. The laughter echoed in the air for a long time......


    When I was in a lonely mood and sent away for 2012, I was also looking forward to it. In the next 20XX years, we can hope for seeds and make a difference.

    Memories of the past, speaking of my study, mother shaken like a rattle like mathematics, learning Chinese is old to no avail; worse, utterly ignorant of english...... For example, in class, the English teacher said loudly, "I ask a student to read the lessons of the class." I thought in my heart, "never call me." Afraid of what to come, the teacher laughed and said, "Lu Kyung Brahma, you read the first reading." I stood up at a loss and couldn't read a word for half a day, and the students laughed. I really want to blush, there is a hole for me in.

    As a warning for the future, I decided to learn English in 2013: the correct pronunciation of 26 letters, bought the first volume of primary school English CD, repeatedly read along; right, but also to write English words several times to memorize...... I hope that next semester my English level can make the students look at each other. If the next teacher asks a question again, I will read aloud, fluently and correctly. The students are sure to laugh at the end of the hearing. But that is not ridicule, but praise.

    This is my new year's hope. In the coming days, I will make great efforts to constantly improve myself and make the best of myself, so that mothers can be proud of themselves.

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