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  • 四年级作文大全-电脑的那些利与弊高考英语满分作文

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    In our accommodations, many students have computers. Also we can see in the electronic reading room and the cybercafés, rows of students sit in front of the monitors. Computers play an important role in our everyday life.

    We use computers to cope with files and photos etc. And the internet is just a large database and we can get on the internet to search for anything we need through the computers. We can keep in touch with the others with the emails, msn and QQ etc. Enjoying ourselves in music, games and movies can loosen us after nervous classes.

    Each coin has two sides. Disadvantages of the computers can also do harm to us. Most of us students use the computers more to play games and chat with strangers than searching for useful information. That’s a waste of time. There is so much rubbish on the net, which are some medium messages about crime or sex. It does harm to our minds.

    From all above, we should learn to use computers in our own right ways. The computers doesn’t have no responsibility, it depends on the way we use them.

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